A Very Canadian Day

I live in Toronto, Canada. As you may have noticed, it gets really, I mean really, cold here during the winter. Now, other Canadian cities get colder but that doesn’t mean it’s not cold here too!

Today, we decided to have a very Canadian day! We walked down to the harbourfront of Toronto in -13°C weather; that’s without the windchill!


It turned out to be a very refreshing afternoon. Check out the sun below!


After walking along the snow covered boardwalk and listening to the planes fly into the island airport, we stopped for Beavertails on the Queen’s Quay.


Now, if you’ve never had a Beavertail, then you need to go now. Run! Find a store near you here. If you have a sweet tooth like me, then you’ll love these tasty pastries. My partner and I usually split one but today we decided to celebrate the new year in style with two different kinds!


We went with the Avalanche Beavertail; skor cheesecake and the Chocolate Hazelnut Beavertail. Yes, they are as good as it sounds.

Go, now.

After warming ourselves in the Beavertails shop, we braved the cold and headed home. I felt like a true Canadian today, welcoming the new year.