Travelling with Less 

​Last night I packed my bag for a 9-day trip to a Caribbean island. I am going with one small carry-on suitcase and one small Jansport backpack (aka my ‘purse’). 

And that’s it. How, you might ask?

When I decided to become a minimalist, packing became a lot easier. I wanted to go over some tips and suggedtions to keep in mindfor your next trip!

1. Large suitcases are heavy and expensive. They can be inconvenient and you really don’t need all of that stuff. You might think you’ll use it, but you probably won’t.

2. Taking more than 2 pairs of jeans, doesn’t make sense. The great thing about jeans is they do not need to be washed everyday. Take advantage of that. 

3. No matter where you go on vacation, there will be water. This means you can easily buy some soap and wash things, if needed. No need to pack 20 different outfits. 

4. Rolling clothes saves space and stops wrinkles. 

5. Shoes: I wear the heaviest pair (usually running shoes or casual walking shoes) to the airport. Then I pack one dressy pair and one sandal. 

6: Things can be worn more than once. No one cares if you wear your favourite t-shirt on day 3 and day 7 with the same jeans you wore on day 3 and day 7.

7. Small bottles sold at a bargain/dollar store hold 100mls or less. I fill them with my shampoo and lotions. No need to bring big bottles and they are airport friendly…and once you buy, then you won’t have to again.

8. Buy gifts at Duty Free. No need to pack them. Better yet, take the person you’re visiting out to dinner or cook them dinner. They will appreciate it, and you’ll have more quality time together.

9. Bring that one book you’ve been dying to read or bring a Kobo/Kindle; they take up less room and you can add as many books before you leave! 

10. Never bring a towel. They take up too much space. I double a large, thin cloth that I bought in Zanzibar as a towel and wrap. Hopefully your hotel/host has a towel!

These are just small things that can save you time, money, space and a sore back! 

Remember, wherever you are traveling to, people live there. You can probably get anything you need.